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Meet Your Perfect Wife: Turkish Mail Order Brides

To dive into your love search now, check out these reliable dating sites where you can find your perfect Turkish wife.

Best Turkish Mail Order Bride & Dating Sites In 2024

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Even though women of the Muslim countries tend to be traditional, there’s still a lot of stunning Turkish brides online. Many of them are women with modern beliefs interested in foreign husbands. And Western men show interest in Turkish ladies as well—only in 2019, 149 Turkish fiancées came to the US.

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Why choose Turkish women for marriage?

Traditional but not conservative. Everything depends on where the girl is from and how religious her family is. But nowadays a lot of girls from Turkey are westernized in a good sense. However, there are also some Turkish mail order brides from conservative families. They wear hijab and obey their husbands and Muslim rules.

  1. Distinctive beauty. The Middle Eastern beauty of a typical Turkish bride can be described as flawless and feminine. They have something unique about their look that helps them to capture the attention of all men. Even girls that are covered can memorize a man just with the beauty of their expressive eyes.
  2. Hospital. A great quality of all Turkish girls for marriage is that their houses are always super tidy and welcoming. Marrying a girl from Turkey, your home will be cozy and well-kept, as well as you’ll always have something delicious in your fridge.
  3. Passionate. Those girls are not afraid to show their emotions and they will show you the full spectrum of it. If a Turkish mail order wife loves you it feels like fireworks but if she’s jealous — be sure that she’ll make you know and regret it.

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How much do the Turkish brides cost?

The reason why the concept of mail order brides works in Turkish society is that they have an old tradition of arranged marriages. Even though that rarely happens nowadays, many women feel comfortable dating online. This is why if you want to meet one of the stunning beauties you can on a reliable dating site. Let’s explore the main expenses that you may have.

Cost of online dating — Some platforms have memberships with monthly/yearly payments and others work on a pay-to-use basis. Currently, the average cost of a membership is around $30 and the price for services is:

  • $2.99 — 20 credits
  • $19.99 — 50 credits
  • $44.99 — 125 credits
  • $69.99 — 250 credits
  • $149.99 — 750 credits

Travel expenses — Round trip tickets from New York to Istanbul are $442 and average daily expenses are around $137. The accommodation cost is $22 for a single room and $44 for a standard double per day. Food is $9.04 for one and entertainment is around $20 per day.

Legal expenses — The US visa costs around $800, but for all other documents and translation, you’ll need to pay extra.

Modern Turkey is diverse and modern, and it has so many stunning women. There are a bunch of them waiting for you online, so don’t waste time and start your love story today.