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Meet Your Perfect Wife: Thai Mail Order Brides

If you want to be one of their lucky husbands this year, check out our list of international dating sites where you can find your perfect Thai mail order bride.

Best Thai Mail Order Bride & Dating Sites In 2024

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The Land of Smiles, Thailand is home to gorgeous Thai brides who are the favorites of Western men for their sexy appearance and bright character. Only in 2019, 855 US guys brought their Thai fiancees to the country. Thai mail order brides will never lose their popularity.

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Why choose Thai women for marriage?

Beautiful Thai women are undoubtedly special and charming. This is why so many men are up to traveling to Thailand from all over the world to use their chance to take one home. Here are some qualities that win the hearts of modern Westerns and make them choose Thai dating:

  • Exotic appearance. The secret of Thai girls’ popularity is in their incredible natural beauty. Stunning feminine features, petite and tender bodies with round curves, and oriental hints in their look leave no man calm. Also, the way they present themselves is only a complement to their beauty.
  • Charming smile. The nickname — the Land of Smiles — is there for a reason, as gorgeous Thai brides can charm anyone with their positivity. They are very fun, easy-going, and seem to brighten up every room they walk in. With such a positive lady it is easy to be in a good mood and enjoy life.
  • Love Western guys. Thailand’s culture and western influences somehow create a new mentality of girls. Nowadays, they have a strong appeal to Western guys, who are believed to be better husbands. And vice versa, foreigners show lots of interest in Thai beauties as well.
  • Nurturing girlfriends & wives. Regardless if you made your relationship official or not, your girl from Thailand will surround you with love and care. They traditionally believe that well-being and a positive atmosphere at home are a must. A Thai tradition of kulasatrii (virtuous woman) makes those ladies strive to be proficient and sophisticated in all household duties.
  • Want meaningful relationships. An ordinary wife in Thailand that you can meet online is usually interested in serious relationships that have a possibility to grow into something more. They don’t want to waste time on flings, as having a good reputation is a big part of society, which is why even a public display of affection is out of the picture for them.

How much does a Thai mail order bride cost?

The cost of Thai mail order brides is defined by multiple factors including the cost of the online dating services, travel, and legal expenses. Let’s make a rough estimate of what you should expect to pay.

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  1. Dating expenses — They mainly depend on the popularity and the quality of the site’s services. Most of the niche websites have similar price ranges and are credit-based. This means that to get access to the services you need to purchase a special virtual currency, the price for which starts at $0.15 per credit.
  2. Travel expenses — The price for a round-trip ticket to Thailand from New York is approximately $715, accommodation will cost around $32 a day and food is $15 a day.
  3. Legal expenses — Depending on whether you are planning on taking your Thai wife home, your legal expenses will vary. Usually, you need to budget for visa fees, preparation, and translation of additional documents.

How to meet Thai brides?

Stop wondering where to meet those incredible Thai girls for marriage, here are all options you have:

  • Traveling to Thailand
  • Dating tours to Thailand
  • Online dating sites
  • Dating apps
  • Matchmaker services

Each of the suggested options has its pros and cons. Pick the dating way that suits your lifestyle and budget. And if you want to start dating right now, then online dating sites are the best option for you.


Regardless of the price for a Thai bride or the time you need to spend online dating, a relationship with such a gorgeous lady is worth it. Don’t spend time doubting whether to join a reliable dating site to start your love journey today.