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Meet Your Perfect Wife: Korean Mail Order Brides

To help you with this quest, we’re sharing our top picks among the best sites for finding a foreign bride. Enjoy the list of popular dating platforms to find Korean brides of your dreams.

Best Korean Mail Order Bride & Dating Sites In 2024

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Youthful Korean girls are known not only for a 20-step facial routine but incredible beauty even at an elderly age. Western men are into those Eastern beauties, that’s clear—482 Korean mail order brides arrived in the US in 2019. Wouldn’t you like to become such a happy fiancee of a Korean bride yourself?

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Why choose Korean women for marriage?

The forever young appearance of an ordinary Korean girl is not the only reason why you should date and marry those beauties. They have many other qualities that should be appreciated, and here are some of them:

  1. Petite. Alluring curves of their petite bodies can make any man be out of breath. Korean brides tend to be quite short, cute but sexy at the same time.
  2. Competitive. That is another reason why you should be chasing these beauties. But don’t think that Korean ladies will compete with you, they want to be the best version of themselves and be better than other women they know. Their strive for education, development, being fit is a great motivation.
  3. Want to have kids early in their life. In the West, there is a tendency to have kids later on in life. Korean mail order brides also value having a successful career, but family is always their top priority.
  4. You’ll be treated as the head of the family. Modern Korean wives are empowered, but they find nothing bad in traditional gender roles. They like to care about the men and surround them with a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Adventurous. Willingness to move to the other continent is not the only reason why those girls can be considered adventurous. They tend to love active leisure time, traveling, interesting food, and up to trying new things.

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How much does a Korean mail order bride cost?

First let’s get it clear, the price for a Korean wife doesn’t mean a price for a woman. It’s the 21st century, you can’t buy a person online. By bride cost, people usually mean price for online dating services and related travel expenses.

Depending on a dating site or app you decide to join, prices may vary. Here is the example of the price for services and current credit cost on one of the popular Asian dating sites:

  • Mail — 10 credits (1st letter) and 30 all the next ones.
  • Instant chat — 2 credits per minute.
  • ‘Let’s Talk’ (prompted communication) — 2 credits per minute.

And the current prices for credits start from 20 credits — $2.99 (for new members) and other credit packs in different sizes and price ranges.

Note that the final price of your lady among Korean mail order brides will highly depend on the number of services you use. The benefit of such dating platforms is that you control your spending and there are no additional fees.

How to find Korean brides?

For those who are sure that stunning Korean beauty is ‘the one’, there are generally two options available:

  • Traveling to Korea. South Korea is a big and modern country. Traveling there is suitable for those who have time and resources to spend. It can be a great adventure, however, you don’t have any guarantee to meet a suitable partner.
  • Online dating. Another option to connect with Korean mail order wives that is available to everyone is online dating. This one is very popular among South Korean women, as it’s easy and romantic. Modern Korean ladies are into dating online as they find foreigners attractive and want to take control over their love life. To find a Korean mail order wife online, you need to pick a dating site of your choice, create a profile, and dive into your love search.

The bottom line

Any man is lucky to be dating a gorgeous Korean girl. Those women are attractive, kind, smart, and hard-working. They can be a perfect match for anyone that wants to have a partner for life and a loving wife.