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Meet Your Perfect Wife: Japanese Mail Order Brides

To meet Japanese brides, explore these popular dating sites. They’ve been carefully selected to offer only the best dating experience for those looking for wives or girlfriends from Japan.

Best Japanese Mail Order Bride & Dating Sites In 2024

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Eastern women are very popular among foreign men as they are sophisticated, caring, and look forever young. Their special allure makes any Japanese wife very desirable. No wonder why 54 new Japanese females arrived in the US in 2019. Perhaps, this year, even more Japanese mail order brides will find their spouses among American men.

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Why choose Japanese women for marriage?

Modern women from Japan have a lot to offer their future partners and here are five common qualities and traits that make Japanese girls so desirable.

  • Beauty — Stunning Japanese ladies are unique and their beauty type is very distinctive among Asian women. Their facial features are naturally very symmetrical, attractive, and flawless skin looks like porcelain. Besides, they are petite, feminine, and elegant.
  • Shy—Growing up in a traditional environment, Japanese mail order wives were taught to be modest. Being over the top, too loud, or eye-catching is not common and not praised in society. That’s why you may think that those incredible girls are very shy. But with the modern trend on overconfidence, the shyness of these beauties is very adorable and leaves men with a sense of alluring mystery.
  • Attracted to foreign men—Even though Japanese culture and Western one are very different, opposites still attract and women in Japan fall for foreign men. Many prefer Westerns, especially Americans as they believe them to be more respectful, caring and can provide a better life. Besides, the majority of guys that are looking for Japanese brides, want to have serious relationships and possibly build a family. This is why girls that have similar intentions join dating sites.
  • Sophisticated—Amazing sense of style of women in Japan is praised and loved all over the world. They combine intense femininity, old traditions, and modern influences in their personal style. Dating a girl from Japan you’ll need to get used to envious stares from other men, as their stunning looks and sexy body curves can’t be unnoticed.
  • Traditional—As Japanese dating is quite traditional, which is why relationships develop quite slowly. Such pace is a norm because Japanese mail order brides are looking for a serious commitment. A typical Japanese mail order wife on the dating site wants to find a boyfriend or husband but not a fling or one-night-stand. Even a wedding in Japan is not just a ceremony, but a ritual of joining two loving people and their families.

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How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

No one price fits all when it comes to buying a bride online. The expenses that you can expect include such categories:

Costs of a dating site with women from Japan

Depending on a particular dating site or app you decide to join, your expenses will be different. Some platforms have memberships with monthly payments and others are credit-based when you pay for services you use. Currently, the price for services is:

  • $2.99 — 20 credits
  • $19.99 — 50 credits
  • $44.99 — 125 credits
  • $69.99 — 250 credits
  • $149.99 — 750 credits

Travel Expenses to meet Japanese mail order brides

Round trip tickets from New York to Tokyo are $950 and average daily expenses are around $137. The accommodation cost is $65 for a single per day and $130 for a standard double. Moreover, you also need to take into account all the expenses for documents, visas, and translation.

How to find Japanese brides?

In the current situation, the most popular way of meeting stunning dating sites is through specialized dating websites and apps.However, traveling to Japan is always an option for those willing to have an adventure and want to experience the culture.


Lovely Japanese wives are naturally beautiful, feminine, and wise. They are definitely worth looking for if you want to connect your life with a partner that is a lover, friend, and biggest fan in one. Japanese ladies are into Western men and such international unions that started online are happy and long-lasting.